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Ladies and Gentlemen!

All-Russia Analytical Magazine ‘ProdIndustry’ invites all interested parties – equipment manufacturers, vendors, leasing companies and trade & financial institutions – to cooperation associated with the business establishment and expansion on the Russian food-processing market.

In ProdIndustry Magazine the readers can find unique independent analytical reviews of food-processing machines and equipment, technical innovations, application of advanced technology, research in the relevant problems of food industry and etc. ProdIndustry’ editorial board consists of independent professionals widely experienced in the food processing technology and manufacturing procedures. Top executives of the leading Russian food processing enterprises and the food equipment experts are engaged in the survey authoring process.

Now the ProdIndustry Magazine is the sole publication among industrial media that offers its readers the comprehensive information on the state-of-the-art machines and equipment (both domestically and foreign made) for food processing industry such as meat-, fish-, milk-processing machinery, bakery and confectionery equipment, packaging equipment, industrial hygiene means. Published surveys contain unbiased information and draw real practical interest of food processing community. The ProdIndustry Magazine has already gained a reputation of the serious review publication with trusted conclusions and recommendations. This point is confirmed by ever growing number of subscribers mostly represented by investors and top business executives involved in the decision making process.

The features of current investment policy prevalent in the Russian agro-industrial complex are reflected in the multidisciplinary approach of the ProdIndustry Magazine. Now investments are made in downstream (farm-to-retail or processing-to-packaging) and lateral directions since to minimize investment risks the enterprise owners invest into interfacing food manufactures and, therefore, the growing diversification of the food processing business in Russia could be noted. Such multidisciplinary approach helps the ProdIndustry’ audience to easily follow the trends in development of machinery and equipment for different branches of the food processing industry and efficiently make decisions while ordering equipment for various investment projects, such as grass-root plants, expansion, upgrade or renovation of existing production facilities.

It is also important that ProdIndustry Magazine has a status of the general information sponsor of the major specialized equipment exhibitions in Russia, e.g. Agroprodmash exhibition, the media-partner of the Adam Smith conferences "Foodstuff Industry in Russia" (organized by the influential international organization based in London, UK), the official information sponsor of a number of relevant specialized fairs held in Moscow and large regional centers.

All this makes the ProdIndustry Magazine an efficient media-carrier for product and services promotion on the Russian market: the ProdIndustry Magazine is intently read from first page to the last. Thus, all information containing in the advertising box longer stays in focus of a potential customer.

We welcome cooperation in various forms.

Please, note several advertisement placement options and arrangements (advertisement box, advertising article, news block), banner on this website (in helpful links). Flexible discounting guaranteed.

True regards,

Natalia Guseva,
Editor-in-chief of ProdIndustry Magazine