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Prices for modular ad boxes in main rubrics

Size Dimensions, mm Color print, euro
1 page 210х297
1 400
1 page 180х260
1 400
1/2 page 180х128 (hor.);
88х260 (vert.)
1/3 page 180х84 (hor.) 650
1/4 page 88х128 (vert.) 480
Inside front cover 1 750
Inside back cover 1 650
Back cover 2 150
Thank you for your interest. We consider your company as our business partner and we offer the following variants of cooperation:
  • Publication of information and analytical articles as advertisement (translation charges is not included in the base price);
  • Publication of advertisement blocks
  • Updating information on the company’s newest solutions to be taken into consideration in the nearest reviews.
  • Banner advertisment using our web-site space
Interesting ideas on the analytical reviews are welcomed.

Our cooperation may stipulate one-time advertising publication or a long-term agreement carried out with flexible discounting based on the quantity and quality of advertisement materials.